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Employees may not begin work without providing us with a Federal I-9 and Federal W-4. These forms will be provided to you.

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Athena Grand Employment Application

All applicant must be at least sixteen years of age at the time of hire. Everyone shares a wide variety of jobs at Athena Grand. If you are successful in your application for a job with us, you will be assigned a specific job every time you work a shift. However, you will likely find yourself doing a wide variety of tasks each time you work. You might sell tickets, but have to help a customer at the snack bar or help clean an auditorium between shows.

We cross train most of our employees so that you can do a wide variety of jobs. It is never boring working at a movie theater!

We are open 365 days a year. In fact, many traditional holidays are some of the busiest times of the year for us. Weekends are typically very busy times for us as well. We want everyone to enjoy holidays and weekends, but when working for a movie theater you must be prepared to work those days. You will usually find that we can be very flexible with scheduling within reason.

We offer great service and a great time to our customers! You must be able to leave personal problems and conflicts at home during your shift.

For our part time jobs, we are happy to employ students and retirees. We will do everything we can, within reason, to accommodate a wide variety of schedules. It is important during your interview to discuss with a manager any conflicts that may affect your availability.

Employees receive free soft drinks, free popcorn, and free admissions to movies!

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